WS3: Health Tourism in Greece


Workshop on Health Tourism in Greece

Chair: Panagiotis Koustsikos


Panagiotis Koustsikos

Businessman, Owner and Chairman of ERGO GROUP Companies (medical products)


- Honorary Consul of El Salvador in Greece
- Chairman of the Greek- Turkish Chamber of Commerce & Industry (E.T.C.C.I)
- Chairman of the Greek – Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
- President of Greek Turkish Business Cooperation Council
- Vice Chairman of Greek Health Tourism Association
- Member of Board SVAP ( Association of Industry Atiiki-Peraeus)


- President and Representative of Greece to the BSEC (Black Sea Economic Cooperation Countries)
- Chairman of Venture Capital Company  ‘’ITHAKI’’ Hellenic Business Incorporation Capital SA
- President of Center for Business Technological Development 
- Chairman of Fact Hellas ( Factoring Company of Financial Requirements)
- General Secretary and Member of the Board of GBCCI
- Member of the Board of Investment Bank of Greece
- Member of the Board of Hellenic Organization for Standardization 
- Member of the Board of ‘’BIC’’ Attica 


- “KOUROS” Price from the Entrepreneurship Club for the INNOVATION (1995)
- “IPEKTSI” Price for his contribution to the establishment of Greek-Turkish peace and friendship (2001)
- Award for his exemplary initiative in the foreign policy sector by the Journalists’ Delegation (ERA) of the Institutions’ Society of Citizens
- Knight of the Order of Saint

Systemics and Health Tourism in Greece: Competition and Advantages

Health Tourism consists of 8 fields, which are the following:

1. Medical Tourism

2. Dental Tourism

3. Spa Tourism

4. Wellness Tourism

5. Sports Tourism6. Culinary Tourism

7. Assisted Fertilization Tourism

8. Assisted Living Tourism

Greece is able to offer all of the above mentioned ways of Health Tourism. The sun, the sea, the Mediterranean climate, the big amount of thermal springs, the medical staff of hospitals and private clinics, are few of the advantages that the tourist and the patient in our country is able to enjoy.

Greece nowadays, thanks to the high level of education, training, professionalism and ethics, as well as the Greek Physicians, are known internationally and are among the best of the world, along with experienced nursing and support personnel about the high qualities that are able to offer.

Greece is absolutely competitive in quality services and competitive prices level in combination with excellent infrastructure and technology, for example about its Thermal Springs and Spas.

Greece is also famous for its cuisine, which is unique for its use of materials coming from the rich land full of flavors, growing under the Mediterranean sun and combined with the salt of the sea. Also, all of Greece is an outdoor museum as well as a modern country with a very busy life, pleasure, delicious delights, magnificent sites and people! For years Greek islands have been top travel destinations, internationally. 



Zacharias Kaplanidis 


Health Tourism in Greece, Competition- Advantages 

In order to get a more complete idea of the advantages and disadvantages of our country in the course of development of health tourism, we are obliged to approach carefully the international market and the environment. We have to fully understand the reasons that people move from one country to another searching for health services, combining at the same time tourism services. We also have to examine the most successful destinations so far and the main reasons which made these destinations so attractive to so many visitors. In the course of our examination we have to understand the role of the central governments, public institutions, local authorities and private companies.

No doubt the successful journey to the development of health tourism, the role of the macroeconomics and the microeconomic keys are absolutely important. Greece, as a new player, starts with several comparative advantages as well as disadvantages. As main advantages we can refer to our history, Hippocrates case and theory, the level of our modern medicine, the high number of health practitioners versus our total population, climatic conditions, quality and importance of the Mediterranean diet, good touristic infrastructure and in many cases competitive cost, regarding health services and touristic services. As main disadvantages we can underline that Greece is not very well-known health destination in the international market, very few hospitals and health centers provide the needed quality and quantity of medical services, very few of them are certified with international certifications of quality and of course we have an uncompleted knowledge of the successful marketing tools and strategy polices.

In this presentation we will try to approach all these factors that governmental and non-governmental entities are obliged to search carefully and conclude with a package of measures that will be considered as necessary and successful for the target in question. No doubt that this is not at all an easy task but it is more than obvious that the whole idea of making Greece a dynamic and successful health destination country, it is not easy in any case. Competition is really strong, mature destinations are already established, clients are well informed and very demanded and long financial crisis in Greece has diminished visions and infrastructure.