2018 E-Posters and Keynote Addresses


HSSS 2018 Conference, E-Posters and Keynote Addresses



The European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS): empirical evidences from Italian companies 
Zeila Occhipinti, Roberto Verona, Simone Lazzini

The sharing economy in tourism 
Maria Georgakalou

Facebook/Instagram Marketing and Tourism 
Dimitris Koryllos 

A Systems Approach to Sustainable Development of Tourism 
Victoria Zgouva

A System Dynamics Model, to identify the impact of eWoM and Social Media in Tourism  
Nikolaos Zoannos

The sharing economy in tourism 
Maria Georgakalou 

Systemic Thinking and Augmented Reality: Complexity Management in the Tourism Industry  
Rallis Antoniadis     

Domain Driven Design and Soft Systems Methodology for Information Systems in Tourism Industry  
Panagiotis Papaioannou  

Modeling and Analyzing the Integration of Logistics Operations Management to the Inter-modality Concept of Shipping Transportation: a systemic approach  
Sotirios Messinis  

A Roadmap for Sustainable Management of Greek Thermal Springs 
Markos Danas  

Travel Insurance  
Maria Sotiropoulou  

Financial Analysis through Systemic Methodologies  
Theoktisti Ntoumani  

Systems Structuring in Strategic and Procedural level with DCSYM tool  
Lefteris Kakavoulis  

Regional Inequalities in Greek Tourism  (in Greek) 
Dimitrios Lagos  


Keynote Addresses

Improving Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency Through Systemic Roundtable-Leadership and Participatory-Management in Tourist (or Any) Industry – Introducing A Multi-Methodologies Training Curriculum for both Service and Production Sectors    
Jason Jixuan Hu 

Sustainable mobility and inclusive development of touristic destinations: a system approach  
Carlo Sessa   

Knowledge Management Effect on Manufacturing Performance  
Kuan Yew Wong

Education and Tourism: Systemically Extending Case Studies from Past Experiences  
John Thanopoulos